I highly recommend Grant. He hands down made my divorce proceedings much easier and more cost effective. I never wanted to find myself in this position, but Grant expertly guided me along the way. He always took the time to listen to my concerns, give his professional opinion, and offer solutions that would save me in attorney fees. With Grant's expertise, I ended up with my kids, and the child support I needed. I couldn't have asked for a better ending in my divorce settlement. Hire him!

Carla D.

Grant Sigmon handled my custody/divorce case and was extremely professional, courteous, and understanding throughout it all. Grant knew how to help me stay focused on our task and never, once took advantage of my time, or billable hours (as I have heard from friends experiences in other situations.) He was always prompt in answering my questions and emails. I never sat and wondered during such an extremely emotional and difficult divorce. He was prompt with his responses and was professional and quick with his input. He always explained to me the details of each step we had to take, and this was extremely helpful during trial. Trial is such a hard situation when your children's welfare is at stake. Grant made this process so much more tolerable to face. I still quote phrases of how smart , smooth, knowledgeable and calm he was in the courtroom. His demeanor is exceptional under pressure. And he plans for your case. He cares. If Grant is your Attorney, he is 100% trying to help you at all times, That is hard to find. I have recommended him to many friends. He is extremely talented at his profession. It makes me happy to know he can help others, too!!

Gwendolyn D.

Ben took my difficult case after I was dropped by two other attorneys. He worked very hard and after going to trial the case was decided in our favor. We were up against a very large insurance company. Ben knew the law, the opposition and how to best advise me during a very challenging period in my life. I highly recommend him for your legal needs.

Lee P.

It was truly outstanding how much Ben Klein helped me after my accident and during the difficult time of recovery: he invested a lot of effort and time into dealing with the insurance companies and other agencies---- he was never satisfied with their first or even second responses, and always tried to get the best deal for me! I really appreciate his tremendous effort , persistence, and profound knowledge in these legal matters ( I could never have done it without him!) as well as the professional manner in which he handled my case. Thank you, Ben, for your support and encouragement!

Ingrid K.

I have personal experience with these attorneys. They're fantastic and will work hard to get you what you deserve.

Tracy Helms

Grant, Ben and Robert are some of the most knowledgeable attorneys in the business, but what sets this firm apart is their commitment and compassion for their clients. They are fair and honest people and they always put their client's needs above their own. I highly recommend Sigmon Klein.

chad crawford

Ben is a great attorney who really helped me through my case. He was always thoughtful and kept me in the loop with everything that was happening. He and everyone at their office were very professional, but at the same time friendly and inviting. Great overall experience and if the need arises for another attorney I won't go anywhere else!

Kari Vanhoy

I hired Sigmon Klein after receiving a traffic ticket for an unsafe lane change. I was hopeful they would be able to get my charge reduced to something lesser so that I'd not receive any points on my license or insurance. Robert Trimble exceed my hopes, and was able to get the charge completely dismissed! No points, court cost or fine!

Kristopher Long

Grant and Ben have helped get several business matters resolved very efficiently without hassle. Their knowledge and experience is is unbelievable and they get the job done, period! I'll continue to use them exclusively. Thanks fellas for your dedication and hard work!

Brad Ammons

Ben was absolutely tremendous. I'm a layperson and he explained every aspect of his work and the processes as he went along. Communication was frequent as well. I was in the best possible hands and I can offer the highest recommendation with confidence.

Jermaine Exum

Finding a great attorney is very rare these days ... Finally, I chose Grant at Sigmon Klein, PLLC...the way he greeted me made me feel like a very important client and took consideration for any concerns I had at the time. Very glad I came across Grant. I highly recommend.

James Craven

Graham Personnel has been fortunate to retain Sigmon Klein, PLLC on several occasions specifically for collection matters. Grant and Ben have provided excellent, timely legal advise and we have been very pleased each and every time we have needed Sigmon Klein, PLLC. Gary Graham

Gary Graham

We have used Sigmon Klein several times to help our company with Business Law issues that arise. Their team responds quickly with a personal approach and understands the landscape of our business. I trust Sigmon Klein to guide my company with complex legal matters and would highly recommend them.

Will Graham

Grant Sigmon was amazing resource for my family during a hectic time. He was very attentive to our situation and always made sure we were clear on next steps. I would use Sigmon and Klein every time.

Bradford Stevens

Grant and Ben with Sigmon Klein are the top car accident and divorce attorneys in Greensboro and Guilford County. Read the other great reviews and call them.

Dan Bryant

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