Case Results: Personal Injury

Grant Sigmon represented a young man who was nearly killed in a motorcycle accident on July 4, 2014. He was airlifted to Baptist Hospital in Winston-Salem where he was given life-saving medical treatment and underwent a series of medical procedures. Prior to Sigmon’s involvement, the client was informed that only a minimal amount of insurance coverage was available, which would not even cover a fraction of his medical bills. Sigmon ultimately recovered $350,000 for the client, exhausting the policy limits of three separate insurance policies.

Grant Sigmon and Ben E. Klein represented a man in a car wreck case against Allstate. The client was rear-ended by a woman who got distracted from paying attention to the road. The impact caused carpal tunnel syndrome in the wrist and a bulging disc in his neck. Prior to Sigmon Klein filing suit, the insurance company only offered $1,500. At mediation, the offer was increased to $4,355. Sigmon Klein prepared the case for trial and took the treating orthopedist’s deposition. After the orthopedist testified, the offer increased to $11,000 which remained the highest pre-trial offer. Sigmon and Klein tried the case to a Jury during the February 12, 2018 term of Guilford County Superior Court. The Jury’s unanimous verdict was $29,000 for the client. Allstate ultimately paid a total of $34,000 including court costs and interest.

Grant Sigmon and Ben E. Klein represented a man in a car wreck case when he was rear-ended in a 3-car collision while exiting a busy Greensboro shopping center onto Wendover Avenue. The crash resulted in serious neck injuries that required a spinal fusion surgery. Insurance carriers for both of the other drivers denied liability and pointed the finger at one another instead of admitting any fault.
No pre-litigation settlement offers were made, so Sigmon Klein filed suit for the client. The case settled two weeks before trial with the insurance company paying 80% of its total available policy limits.

Sigmon Klein represented a local school teacher who was seriously injured in a head-on automobile collision. The client suffered serious neck injuries that required surgery. Just a few months before the statute of limitations ran while no offers had been made, Sigmon Klein was hired to pursue the case. With only days remaining before the statute of limitations expired, Sigmon Klein recovered the entire $100,000 policy limits for the client.

Ben E. Klein represented a young man who was riding a moped and was struck by a vehicle from behind. Ben’s client was ejected from the moped and endured very serious injuries including broken legs and a head injury. After the wreck, the individuals who caused the wreck repeatedly assaulted Ben’s client and left him unconscious on the side of roadway before the man was found by a postal worker the next day. The individuals who struck Ben’s client were ultimately found by law enforcement and were charged with serious criminal offenses. Unfortunately, the culprits had no car insurance to provide compensation to Ben’s injured client. Ben was able to uncover two separate $100,000 insurance policies providing coverage and Ben recovered all $200,000 for his client.

Ben E. Klein represented a woman who was severely injured in a wreck when she was riding as a passenger on the back of her husband’s motorcycle. Tragically, Ben’s client’s husband died in the wreck. Ben’s client suffered traumatic injuries including a shattered leg, severe bruising, and permanent scarring. The client was forced to undergo multiple procedures and endure weeks of in-patient care all while mourning the death of her husband. Ben and his co-counsel were able to find layers of available insurance policies and other assets and, after filing suit, were able to settle the matter for in excess of $620,000.

Grant Sigmon represented a young girl who was viciously attacked by her neighbor’s dog. More than a year after the attack, her leg was badly scarred and plastic surgery was recommended. Sigmon was able to recover all of the child’s parents’ out-of-pocket expenses paid for her medical treatment plus the future cost for plastic surgery to repair the scars.

Grant Sigmon represented an elderly Greensboro woman against a shuttle company for injuries she suffered while entering the company's vehicle in January 2008. The driver failed to follow specific requests for assistance given by the client, and stood idly by as the woman fell out of the car and broke her femur, requiring surgery the same day. Sigmon took the case to arbitration in July 2012. The panel awarded the plaintiff $80,000, which was more than 5 times the pre-arbitration offer. The insurance company eventually paid $68,000 to settle the case.

Grant Sigmon represented a local man who suffered a dislocated shoulder when he fell at home due to a water leak which the man had previously brought to his landlord’s attention. The injury required surgical repair and extensive physical therapy. The landlord’s insurance company had offered nothing prior to Sigmon’s involvement. The case settled for $35,000 before a lawsuit was filed.

Ben E. Klein represented an injured motorist who was hit from behind on a busy highway by another vehicle. The defense made no significant offers to settle the case because the client had been injured before in a prior accident. The case went to arbitration in 2013 and Ben received an award that exceeded four times the last offer from the defense.

Ben E. Klein took a case to trial the week of January 13, 2014 on behalf of an injured motorist who was involved in a T-bone collision caused by an Allstate insured driver. Prior to trial, the highest offer made by the insurance company to settle the case was $4,250.00. The jury returned a verdict of $54,777.00. Allstate was forced to pay the full amount plus interest & costs.

Ben E. Klein represented a gentleman who was the victim of an assault which required extensive investigative and corrective medical surgeries, one of which being a stomach laparotomy necessitating over 70 surgical staples. Ben secured a jury verdict in the amount of $35,000.00 for his client.

Ben E. Klein represented an injured pedestrian who was standing beside her parked car at a highway rest stop in West Virginia when an out of control driver struck her car at a high rate of speed, causing a violent impact that knocked Ben’s client to the ground. Ben’s client suffered very serious injuries which included a broken hip, broken teeth, and various cuts and bruises. Ben worked the case up at the pre-suit level and was able to negotiate a settlement of the case for the available policy limits of $300,000.

Ben E. Klein represented a gentleman who was seriously injured in a motorcycle accident and incurred substantial medical treatment and medical bills as a result. After a prolonged fight with the insurance company, Ben achieved a settlement of $190,000 for his client.

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