Case Results: Family Law

Grant Sigmon was hired to represent a Greensboro man in a domestic violence case. His wife wrongfully accused the client of punching her in the face and other violent acts. Sigmon took the case to trial. After hearing the client’s testimony and Sigmon’s cross-examination of the wife, the Judge expressed serious concerns about the wife’s credibility as it became obvious she was lying. The trial court not only dismissed the domestic violence case against Sigmon’s client, but also found the wife in criminal contempt of court and immediately sentenced her to jail for 5 days.

Grant Sigmon represented local Father in child custody and child support litigation. The Mother is a licensed attorney who got re-married and moved with her new husband to a farm house in a rural community. After relocating, the Mother chose not to work, attempted to enroll the children in a poor school district in Stokes County, and filed for primary custody. Despite her income-earning potential and decision not to work, she still pursued child support from Grant’s client. The Mother also refused to allow the children to remain in Father’s school district, which is one of the top-rated school systems in North Carolina.

Grant took the case to trial in the Summer of 2017. After 6 days of evidence, the trial court ordered that the children would follow a 50/50 joint custody schedule and remain enrolled in Father’s school district. The trial court also imputed income to Mother based on her ability to practice law, and ordered that Mother pay child support to Grant’s client.

Grant Sigmon represented a Greensboro woman in a custody dispute involving the relocation of a minor child. The father adamantly opposed the relocation, and litigation ensued. With the custody matter set for hearing in the Fall of 2014, the case settled just days before the case was called for trial. Sigmon’s client was allowed to relocate and now has primary physical custody of the minor child.

Grant Sigmon was hired to represented a local Father when his child’s Mother took the child to Texas without Father’s knowledge or permission. Sigmon litigated the case for over a year, engaged local counsel in Texas, participated in multiple interstate hearings between the Courts in North Carolina and Texas under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, and ultimately settled the case. After not seeing his Father and other family members in almost three years, the child was returned to Greensboro, NC for Thanksgiving 2015.

Grant Sigmon represented a Greensboro woman in a child support dispute in Guilford County District Court. The Court Order for child support was entered more than a decade ago, but the Father recently stopped paying a portion of his monthly obligation. Within weeks of Sigmon’s involvement, the client walked out of the courtroom with a check for $20,000, marking the arrears paid in full.

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